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HCSLLP ensures accurate, transparent, and compliant accounts and audits combined with the most suitable healthcare consulting services.
Harshwal Consulting Services LLP is a group of professionally trained accountants who are experts in handling day-to-day Healthcare audit support and compliance services. We go beyond the technical requirements, enhance strategies, and identify market and improvement opportunities for qualified health centers. We have earned vast expertise in handling healthcare consulting services with decades of exposure to the medical industry and not-for-profit organizations.


At Harshwal Consulting Services LLP, we offer the given accounting and auditing services for healthcare industry:

  • Payroll Management - Our accounting experts effectively manage payroll for healthcare clients and keep their financial records in order.
  • Financial Management - We help healthcare organizations manage and plan their finances and track if money is overspent or underspent.
  • Books Preparation - We have a dedicated team of bookkeepers to prepare books and records for Healthcare clients.
  • Auditing - Our experts take care of all healthcare auditing requirements.
  • Accounting - Having gained years of experience, our experts are ready to tackle all the accounting needs of the industry. We maintain accurate and up-to-date accounts to help you analyze health clinics’ financial regulations and technical activities.
  • Compliance Management - We take care of all compliance requirements (Social Securities Act, Public Health Services, HRSA) of FQHCs and help them maintain a clear picture. A sound and compliant system help more people access treatment.
  • Financial System Review - We track where the money is going and coming. It helps HEALTHCARE clinics better plan their budget and spend more on the requiring sectors.

What makes us unique?

We make your lives better by performing your accounting and auditing tasks. We are different from the other CPA firms because we possess:


We understand the variance in the functioning of every industry and are flexible enough as per the clients’ working model. Our expert team understands your work culture adequately and provides you with the most appropriate and cost-effective auditing and accounting services.

Accuracy and Credibility

Our auditors are well-trained and experienced in providing the most accurate and credible audit reports.

Security and Transparency

Since we are well aware of your privacy concerns, we are committed to keeping your data secure and still being transparent enough while preparing your audit reports.


In the era of digitization, when the world innovates every minute, we are committed to being in line with the updates and the technical advancements.

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