Joining hands with NFPOs to spread gratitude.

Non-profit organizations can rely on HCSLLP for proficient and effective not for profit accounting services. We are a perfect destination for all accounting and audit consultations.
The not-for-profit organizations do not aim to earn profit but to maximize the delivery of social services. They work diligently to help in uplifting the welfare of society and serve the people in need.
The NFPOs are tax-exempt in the US, but to maintain this status, they need to comply with multiple rules and regulations. Regulatory compliance with the state, federal and other institutions makes proficient accounting solutions a must for these organizations.
Harshwal Consulting Services LLP has a dedicated and professional team of not for profit accounting consultants.

Accounting Services for Nonprofit organizations at HCSLLP:

HCSLLP offers a wide range of Not for profit auditing and accounting services. Our key services involve:

  • Bookkeeping and financial accounting
  • Manage restricted funds accounts
  • Risk Management for Not-for-profit organizations
  • Financial Statement Preparation and Review
  • Reviewing and analyzing budget
  • Tax Preparation and return services
  • Audit Support and preparation services

What makes us unique?

Harshwal Consulting Services LLP has experts working with their hearts and soul to outsource the best available accounting services. We are ahead of our peers as we deliver:

Cost-efficient Accounting Solutions

We appreciate the work non-profit organizations perform for society. We also understand their concern about spending their funds effectively. We provide them with the most affordable accounting plans.

Dedicated Accounting Professionals

We are committed to taking full responsibility for keeping our clients’ accounts accurate and updated. Our talented team members are ready to offer in-depth assistance in handling complex, not for profit accounting.

On-time Delivered Services

We ensure that we deliver the best available accounting services within the due dates. We are not only focussed on delivering on time, but we are also focused on delivering quality-rich services.

Technologically Advanced and Innovative Solutions

We offer our not for profit clients an effective, efficient, and accurate accounting solution. We ensure that by taking the responsibility for their accounting, we can allow them more time to focus on their core procedures.

Attentive and Friendly Supporters

Our not for profit accounting experts believe in listening to clients’ concerns and delivering tailored solutions to satisfy their needs. This is only possible when we are attentive while seeking details from our clients.

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